Hello, I'm Gregg and Julie’s Story!

I’ve been around garden centers since the 70’s and have had always had some sort of business of my own, so when the opportunity arose to purchase a local garden center, Julie and I took it.  The business was small, and located in the growing area of West Little Rock.  It seemed like a great fit; after all, homes need plants and plants need homes.  We have been fortunate throughout the years, and been able to grow the business into a full service garden center.  Julie and I both enjoy the natural and fun environment here and love seeing our customers and our staff grow with us.  The Good Earth is like a family, and we’ve been lucky enough to keep up with so many people continue to check in with us; children that laughed and played on our playground, stop by and let us know about their lives.  Teenagers that worked here in high school send cards to let us know they have graduated college and are in medical school or married or just had a child. It’s inspiring to be part of such a wonderful community.  We would like to personally invite you to come see why we have so much fun at The Good Earth!