“Ok, how many times have we said, “Hosea, Marco & brother in law are amazing”.  They would not leave this afternoon until we were literally having to put them in the truck!! They were so tired — with good reason!!! Of course hugs were given. I have sent pics everywhere. Everything is just perfect! Mark, thank you so very much for being so patient with me. Neighbors love the pots & one asked who made them for me?

What did they do extra: placed furniture, flower pots (moved one of them twice)

What do they always do: hardest workers on the planet; laughed; joked with Bob — today Marco got him; always smiling; gave their honest opinion on how things should be done/look; wonderful friends; what else can I say other than we will miss seeing them every day!!!!

Mark, in watching & listening to you work with the guys you are an amazing leader. The relationship, trust, knowledge  & work ethic between all of you is what builds a wonderful company. Jordan, The Good Earth is so lucky to have these 4 gentlemen!!!

Thank you so very much for putting your hearts into your work & making our outdoor home picture perfect!!!”

-Bob and Barbara


When I had the idea of revamping my backyard, I thought immediately of The Good Earth crew. First of all, I love the variety of plant material at the business and by reputation, I felt sure of hiring the team to do the work. Jordan Parker came out to look over the project and offer ideas. At first, I thought I wanted a hot tub, a pergola, a gas grill, and various plantings of azaleas etc. We discussed this possibility over a few days. The hot tub idea was probably going to be a nightmare and more expense than necessary. Jordan asked if I would consider a fireplace. I liked that idea much better, so the plans were drawn – Pergola, stepping stones, new tree, many azaleas, a new gas grill and of course, a beautiful, useful gas fireplace.

Work began by removal of the existing steel edging, plants and other obstacles. Then, the ground was leveled to plan for a concrete patio. I had used Neil Moinot for similar work inside my home. His expertise is decorative concrete work. I wanted the pad scored and stained and also, a counter top for the grill area. After the patio was poured, Neil came in and did that part. Next, a crew of Willard Miller’s stone masons came and began building the fireplace and the surround for the grill – this done to match the stonework on the back of the house.

Then, as that all came together, the carpenters came in to begin the foundation of the pergola and add back the surrounding privacy fence. Lighting and fans were added as well as new plant lighting. Through the winter months, work was postponed by rain, snow and ice, but that is a normal part of any outside project as well as scheduling so many workers. Jordan did a great job with all that.

All the plans were followed and finally seeing all the new plantings, stepping stone areas and a new tree in my backyard where there had been a pretty much useless area, was so rewarding. It is an area that I love. All the organizing and hard work involved really paid off. I have a beautiful place to relax and entertain thanks to The Good Earth.

-Paula Stobaugh


The Good Earth people are great at design, and implementation of that design. I was very impressed by their planning, planting and timing so much so that I bought two yards worth: one for my home and another for my sister. I will always use the Good Earth for everything outside from now on.

– Steve Madigan


We love, LOVE our new landscape!!! Your design and Mark and his crew did a wonderful job of transforming a needy yard into a beautiful landscape. We appreciate so much that your design reflected our need for low maintenance–gardeners we are not–yet our desire for something really pretty. You met and exceeded our expectations! WOW!!! We wouldn’t change a thing. Many thanks for the professionalism, the creativity, and the quality of workmanship obvious in every phase of the project.

PS  Thanks also for being so organized and the guys being so neat–there was never a “mess” left over from day to day.

– Barbara and John Stuckey


We retained Good Earth to redo our landscape.  In selecting a landscaping firm you want one that you can trust and that has integrity. Good Earth has that. We initially met with Jordan several times to lay out the plans. He was an absolute joy to work with and listened to our suggestions and thoughts. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional.  We were very pleased with the design that he proposed. Then it was on to the implementation. The team that Jordan and Good Earth sent was absolutely outstanding. They were timely each day, very professional and kept the work site very neat. As they worked each day and the final plan started to take shape, they listened to our thoughts on changes we wanted to make. The entire process was very collaborative and the final product was outstanding. We are extremely pleased with how it looks and will definitely use Jordan and Good Earth again when we have another landscape project.

– Dennis and Karen Ferra


I am sitting in my kitchen looking out the window at our picture-perfect, new backyard. The Good Earth crew is out there putting in the landscape lighting which will provide the right finishing touch to our backyard makeover. Our family could not be more pleased with the results and I am writing to say thank you and to recognize the service ethic and skills of many from your landscape division.

We started this project last fall and the first person I called was Zak Grothe. I met Zak 7 years ago when we moved into our home and he led the team that installed our initial landscaping. I learned during that project that Zak had a wonderful eye for design and was just as talented at execution too — the perfect combination! When we decided to build a pool and redesign our backyard I would not let construction begin without first consulting with Zak. I wanted his opinion before the project ever began which is the first thing we did right. Some people bring in landscaping on the back end of a project.  I brought you guys in first during the planning stage.  It made all the difference.

Zak worked with Jordan Parker to develop a preliminary landscape plan.  It ended up driving the entire project including items that may seem outside of a pure landscape plan such as the location of the pool/poolhouse and the development of a bocce court.  Our overall message to Zak and Jordan was that we wanted the new backyard to look as if it was built with the original house and did NOT look like an addition added later. The second goal was to have an overall “park-like” setting. We wanted the landscaping to really “pop” so that the eye enjoyed greenery and not a bunch of pool decking. They delivered a plan that met our goals perfectly.

Once the project started Wayne stepped in to supervise the day to day activity. I contribute much of the implementation success to his hands-on management. Many contractors will simply dump a crew at your house without proper supervision. They will do a sub-par job with unsupervised crews and then, only after complaints, come back and do the work right. We never had that problem with the Good Earth. Wayne was the perfect project manager and kept us up to speed every step of the way. He also saw and resolved issues before we ever had to get involved. This is an incredible point of differentiation of your crew versus others. Wayne’s involvement avoided mistakes and he was making tweaks along the way that contributed to the project’s success.  I saw him taking notes and keeping a running list of things that needed to be done. He kept the project on track each step of the way.

Another strength was that Zak and Wayne worked seamlessly together. They were both up to speed at all times. This is not always the case with other contractors when the customer is talking to more than one person. Zak and Wayne were also wonderful at coordinating with our pool contractor and a different poolhouse builder. There were many areas of coordination regarding drainage, watering system, scheduling etc. In order to get the outcome we wanted it was very important for all our contractors to work together mindful of the work of others.  In my experience, some contractors do not coordinate well with others. In fact, I had one contractor that simply did the work based on his own needs/self-interest and not what was best for the project. Wayne and Zak had the opposite, service-friendly approach — our goals and needs drove their work. It’s the way it should be.

Finally, let me also add that the “no surprise” approach to the billing is not only customer friendly but necessary. Zak provided an early estimate and he worked closely with us to determine a budget that provided both the structure we needed for budgeting and the flexibility to accommodate changes along the way. When the final bill arrived it was as expected all along. It did not have major additions that were not discussed up front like has happened to me with others.

Let me end with a simple thank you.  Thanks to Zak, Jordan, Wayne and countless others our new backyard is better than we even imagined. We are thrilled with the work of everyone we met from the Good Earth. That type of customer service, attention to detail, follow-up, professionalism, etc. does not just happen by chance. You obviously run a class-act organization and we are very pleased clients.

Many thanks and keep up the good work!
– Leslie Biagioni


Jennifer, Zak and the crew at Good Earth took on a project for us that involved a patio, fire pit, and landscaping.  It was a complete pleasure to work with them!  Zak and Jennifer listened to our thoughts, researched options, came up with a plan and gave excellent recommendations within the process.  Each individual component of the plan was finished in a timely and professional manner.  The finished product was exactly what we’d hoped for!  We will certainly look to Good Earth for future projects!!

– Connie Phillips

Our experience with Good Earth has been a positive one. Jennifer designed our landscape plan and was wonderful to work with. We were very pleased with the quality work and attention to detail. For me, one of the most important aspects of working with any business is the follow-up after the job is done. I would give them an A-plus in that area. They have delivered on everything they promised and then some. Landscaping is an expensive investment, you want to have people that you can trust, people with integrity and that is what we found in Good Earth Nursery.

– Jan Keith

We reached a point in our lives where we wanted to enjoy our backyard instead of simply viewing it as another area to mow. The Good Earth Garden Center readily accepted the challenge and soon transformed it into a unique escape from our everyday routine. They achieved our goal by installing flagstone walkways and a patio, two pergolas and a multitude of plants providing an abundance of seasonal color and texture that compliments their landscaping design in the front yard. Their eye for detail and expertise not only provide a backyard oasis but also create a picture perfect view from every window throughout the year.

– Kathy Thomas

This past Saturday my wife and I were visiting my sister in Baptist hospital when we decided to take a drive. As we wandered down a few roads, we ran across your garden center. No doubt, it was very inviting and the customers were “pouring” in. How could we resist, we had to turn around and see what/why everyone was pulling in.

No doubt, you have a beautiful setting. Your landscaping was fantastic, the variety of plants you offered was unbelievable and your selection of pots and fountains is beyond belief. In fact, we could not resist the temptations, thus we filled the back of our SUV with all sorts of goodies and … that’s when it happened! Upon checking out, I notice a wheelbarrow with some Frisbees in it, marked FREE. They brought back fond memories of a by-gone era and I told my wife; “Luke (our youngest grandson) will love one of these and I can show him how to throw it!”

Well, he came over this afternoon and he adapted well, for a five year old. However, I did not re-adapt like I would have hoped. Sure, the two of us had a blast this evening, but after a long day of yard work and an hour or more of “Your Frisbee” with a five year old … I realized I must have a “Major Problem”! Not with anything we bought from your establishment, but with my joints adapting to my memories of the late 60’s!

Thanks so much for a pleasant visit to your garden center and even though I’ll pay for the Frisbee fun tomorrow … thanks for the free Frisbee and the opportunity to introduce Luke to the experience. I can assure you, on our next visit to Little Rock, we will be sure and stop by your place!!!

– Charles “HammerTime” Snapp

We decided to treat ourselves to some much-needed landscaping as our Christmas gift last year.  Jordan and Mark at Good Earth made our Christmas wishes come true.  They tackled a huge drainage problem in our back yard with great success!  They saved our back yard from washing completely away and made the appearance extremely pleasing in the process. They also solved some major problems in our front yard and were able to build a retaining wall that completely matched our existing structures.  No small feat!  We love everything they chose to plant and can’t wait to watch it all grow!  They listened to all of our needs, made perfect suggestions and delivered everything as promised. There were no surprises with any expenses.   Their work crew is awesome and we always felt safe giving them access to anything around our home while they were there.  We love what they have done to the appearance of our home and look forward to using them for more projects in the future!

– Steve and Susan Bullington


I visited Good Earth Garden center for the first time today. Titus was extremely helpful in helping me plan a shade garden.  Thank you for all the great information. Your products are beautiful! Can’t wait to return!!!!!

– Donna Evans


Our experience with The Good Earth Team has been nothing but pure joy!! Jordan Parker is an exceptional landscape architect that started out with minimal, sad landscaping and created a gorgeous area! We were impressed with his attention to detail and his willingness to make changes along the way! Wayne and his crew went out of their way to ensure I was pleased with every aspect of the design and are a very talented group of individuals!!! The crew had a long drive each visit and didn’t grimace once!! Wayne has such a positive attitude and is very knowledgeable. Everything was done in such a timely manner even with the distance involved! My home delights me and exceeds all expectations! I will share with others the work ethic of your crew and especially the quality of the work! Thank you Good Earth!

– Tiffany Hornbeck-DeWitt