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Benefits of Being Outdoors

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We are seeing all kinds of cute shirts about staying indoors… and they are cute for sure.  But just a little reminder, you can honor social distancing and still spend time outdoors enjoying nature, even if it’s just in your own back yard! The rain is ending soon, and when the sun comes out, we know all our spirits will be bolstered. That’s what sunshine does, it’s a natural mood booster. Here are some other ways being outdoors is beneficial:

  • It increases creativity.
  • Being outside in the fresh air can also reduce the risk of depression.
  • Sunlight also gives you more energy and focus through the increased production of serotonin.
  • The outdoors resets your time clock, which can help your sleep cycle.
  • Being outdoors can boost your self esteem… who knew?!
  • It can decrease stress and anxiety levels.

Gardening in particular is, very literally, a productive way to decrease stress.  The American Public Health Association encourages gardening as a way to stay healthy and shares that the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes can also be reduced by only two and a half hours of moderate activities such as this popular hobby.

Home gardens, even simple container plantings, are a good family hobby and offer a variety of educational benefits. Many kids don’t know where their foods come from; this is a simple and enjoyable way to teach kids, or yourself, methods and benefits of your own groceries.

We wanted to share some ways you might be able to spend some time outdoors, and maybe even experience the joys of nature with minimal interactions:

  • Baker Creek offers rare, heirloom seeds and is located in Missouri and California. Here is a link to their site
  • We also have a variety of seeds and vegetable and herb seedlings that we can have ready for you to pickup as well as the soil to plant them in. We are open, taking precautions and providing social distancing actions; for details, click here.
  • Growing from your groceries; some items like heads of lettuce can regrow when placed in water.
  • Many houseplants can also be propagated from cuttings (like pathos and philodendrons). You can also start a whole new succulent plant from one leaf. Blog post coming soon on propagating plants so keep watching!
  • Start an avocado plant from the pit.
  • Cut up one of your potatoes, making sure there is at least one eye on the cutting and grow your own potatoes.
  • It’s been raining… which means mud puddles! Have any in your landscape right now? We know… we aren’t the ones having to clean up the mess but the simple joy of splashing around in a puddle can’t be beat so this makes the list!
  • It’s spring, and plants are doing their thing in a big way.  A daily nature walk through your landscape and garden areas will reveal new, uplifting surprises.  Fern fronds unfurling, perennials peeking up through the ground, new leaves emerging on trees and shrubs, even new insects to meet.
  • Make a fairy garden with mosses, sticks, pine cones, acorns, little stones, tiny twigs.  Accessorize with miniature toys like legos or little animal figures you might have around the house.
  • If it’s warm and dry enough, move your family game outside or pack a family picnic!
  • Engage the whole family in a spring yard clean up; there are things to be done out in the landscape right now. Here is a link to our gardening calendar.

As always, wear sunblock, and drink lots of water while having your nature time.  If you have follow up questions to any of these ideas, reach out to us.  We look forward to being here for you any way we can!