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Fall Favorites from The Good Earth Team


We were excited to see what Steve’s favorite was this fall, and were even more excited that he picked the new Nature series pansies!  These pansies are actually a hybrid between a pansy and viola, and have the best characteristics from both.  The rich color is what first attracts you, then when you learn how quickly it recovers after a freeze, the unique colors available and the vigorous growth it offers, it’s hard to turn it down.


This whole blog post came about because we were wondering what to write about this week, but we knew we wanted to write about fall plants (because of course!) and we had no idea what everyone’s favorite was! It was very fun to follow team members around the garden center as they located their favorite plant and shared the reasons why it was chosen.  This choice was really fun, because it’s such an awesome plant!  Nicole’s favorite this fall is Purple Muhly Grass, a fall blooming ornamental grass that practically glows in the sun.  Nicole loves it because it looks like fiber optics! And you should see how the blooms dance in the wind, beautiful.


Meet Mary’s favorite this fall… combo pots! What is a combo pot?  These are planters filled with a combination of plants and flowers. Each of these planters offers a variety of fall foliage colors and blooms. We are getting more in this week and if you already have pots, we can help you create a striking fall or winter combination of your own, with our wide selection of cabbage, kale, pansies and all the other fall accents, such as Cool Wave trailing pansies!


This pumpkin is so pretty it doesn’t even look real!  Not only that, it is a great pumpkin for baking and using in all your favorite pumpkin recipes, which is why it’s Laura’s favorite!  Meet Fairytale pumpkin… we have them in all sizes, and the colors range from deep green, all the way to this pale orange color.  We’ve cooked both pie pumpkins and Fairytales; and we agree, this is the best one.  You will get tons of pumpkin from it and of course, you can roast the seeds for a nice extra little treat.  Speaking of recipes, Gregg recently had our staff make their favorite pumpkin recipes; here are some ideas from our team!


Last but certainly not least, Tyler, who chose two of his favorites!  One is an ornamental pepper; this particular one has variegated purple foliage and purple peppers.  As you can imagine, it contrasts very well with all kinds of other fall plants, like annual rudebeckia or black-eyed susans.  We have many ornamental peppers to choose from; they add awesome texture to a fall planter!  Turks Turban squash is Tyler’s other choice, look at all that color, orange, white, and various shades and green… plus that shape is so unique!  This one came from our local farmer, and just like all our pumpkins and gourds, we get these fresh from the field within hours of them being harvested.  One more beautiful reason to love the season!


We can’t finish out this post without a special shoutout to some customer favorites. Nothing says fall like mums! Want to brush up on your knowledge about these seasonal blooms? Check out this video, where Gregg and Jeff break down different varieties of mums, as well as zinnias and marigolds!