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Gift Shop Staff Favorites

Did you know we have a 5,000 square foot Gift Shop? And really, when it comes down to it, our whole garden center is a gift shop… there is something here for everyone!


Great CAUS

CAUS drinkware are pretty and pretty cool!  Each one is marked with a symbol of the cause it supports, such as pet rescue, clean drinking water, human trafficking and disaster relief.  Plus 25% of CAUS profits are given to charities.


Unique Jewelry

Grandmother’s Buttons, located in historic St. Francisville, Louisiana, was established in 1985.  This handmade jewelry is created from a world wide collection of 19th century buttons & caches of vintage glass and pearls. These vintage pieces were collected by a mother and daughter.  The pair try to create a connection to the past with each piece.


Greenbox features giclee prints of original art.  Each one is precious, and features animals or birds. We also have Greenbox handtowels, mugs and even a few handbags!


For the Houseplant Lovers

Little pots of big fun!  In addition to a wide variety of larger pottery, we have these smaller pots for indoor enjoyment.  Pair with one of our beautiful houseplants or one of many succulents to complete the gift. Not sure what kind of plant to get?  We can talk you through some great, easy care options!


Colorful Gardening Tools

The right tools make all the difference!  FloraBrite snippers are always easy to spot as are the ultra cushion kneeling pads and knee pads from Kneelo.  These tools are sure to make gardening a breeze.


Garden Freak Gloves

Webbed gloves from Garden Freak are designed to make gardening easier!  Whether you are container gardening, spreading mulch, picking up gardening excess etc… you can definitely scoop more up without a spill.

Dramm Watering Tools

We do a ton of watering around here and we know a good tool when we use ’em!  Dramm offers a full line of durable and easy to spot watering tools.