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How to Grow Brew-Tea-Ful Green Camellia

Always wanted to grow your own tea but didn’t have room for a large tea plant, otherwise known as Camellia sinensis?  Meet one of our new favorite, flavorful plants; Brew-Tea-Ful Green Camellia. Petite in size, this plant is ideal for patio spaces and container gardens. Mature size is 12-15 inches tall and 10-12 inches wide. Here in Arkansas, plant in morning sun location with well draining soil. Water as needed, avoid letting the plant stay too wet or get too dry.

Harvest branch tips every few weeks and dry the foliage for tea. As the plant grows, the more tea can be harvested. Leaves are best dried outside, under cover. Dried leaves can then be crushed or chopped, then steeped to make tea. Fresh tea is not only higher is antioxidants, it’s also much more flavorful than long-stored, packaged teas found in grocery stores.

For more details on harvesting and making your own tea, visit this American Camellia Society page.