We carry several of our stone products in bags:

  • Pea gravel- small (approximately ½”), multi-colored stones often used for walkways and various landscape projects such as play areas.
  • River rock- medium size (roughly 3/4 to 1 inch in size), multi-colored stones used as an attractive soil covering for various landscape projects, in water feature projects, and for walkways. The larger size of river rock keeps it place better than smaller stones.
  • Drainage rock- larger stones in gray tones. Work well for landscape drainage projects and to put in the bottom on containers to increase drainage.

Not sure how many bags you need? Our bags of stone are typically ½ a cubic foot and will cover approximately 4 to 6 feet at a depth of 1 inch. Another way to figure out how many you need is to get square footage and multiply by .33 for a depth of 2 inches or .5 for a depth of 3 inches.   Example: for 100 square feet at 2 inches deep, you will need 33 bags, for 100 square feet at 3 inches deep, you will 50 bags.

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