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How to Plant a Plant

Step 1

Start by digging a hole twice the width and as deep as the plant’s container.  Amend the backfill with organic matter if needed; keep a ratio of 70% native soil to 30% amendment.

Step 2

Remove the plant from its container. If it’s root bound, uncurl or cut the roots in order to loosen them.

Step 3

Stick the plant in the hole, and plant deep enough so that the root ball is about one inch above the surrounding soil.

Step 4

Before adding the remaining soil, add Good Earth brand Jump Start, which enables the roots to take up more than 1000 times more nutrients and water than they originally could. Add the amended soil back around the root ball. As you add the soil, press it down to get rid of any air pockets.

Step 5

Water the plant well, and add two to three inches of mulch to help the plant retain moisture.