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Jump Start Your Next Planting!

What is Jump Start?

Jump Start is a nutrient rich, super plant food, in granular form, that we recommend to every customer for almost every plant! If you’ve shopped with us over the past few years, you’ve likely seen this item close to the register or heard us mention it in videos and other blog posts. We can’t help but advertise this fertilizer over and over again… we love it that much!

We named this product Jump Start because it gives plant roots a jump start! Using this at planting increases root production, which in turn, helps the plant establish more quickly.  What does this mean for overall plant health? An established plant is one whose roots have grown outwards from the planted root ball into the surrounding native soil.  Established plants can better handle environmental stress such as heat, drought and freezing temperatures.

What’s in Jump Start?

With a complex blend of 100% natural ingredients and enhanced with beneficial microbes, Jump Start is an all-star, professional grade plant food (see label at end of post). The ingredients provide a complete and balanced feeding to your plants, while the complex formula is both long-lasting and slow release. In short, it won’t burn your plants or leach away too quickly. Jump Start is equipped with 11 mycorrhizae that help keep your plants thriving. Mycorrhizae are a group of fungi that form mutually beneficial relationships with plants by increasing root volume, which in turn increases the uptake of nutrients and water absorption by an estimated 1,000 times.  This leads to improved plant growth and health, and faster plant establishment for new plantings.

When and How to Use Jump Start

Jump Start should be added when planting new plants, as mentioned above, to give the roots a jump start on establishment.  It is also a vital fertilizer for already planted materials. Good Earth brand Jump Start will help your plants happy, healthy and growing.

Garden Beds

Mix into the top 4 inches of soil at 4 lbs per 100 square feet.

New Plantings

Mix recommended amounts based on the plant size into the soil and place around the plant’s roots. Water well and mulch. See following chart for recommended application rates:




Established Plants

Feed trees and shrubs twice a year, spring and fall, with 1 cup per foot of branch diameter. Feed flowers and vegetables monthly during their growing season by sprinkling 1 cup in the root zone.

Potted Plants

Mix 1 part to 25 parts soil- not much product is needed to maintain your potted plants! Feed established plants monthly 1 teaspoon per every 3 inches of pot diameter.

Once fed, don’t forget to water your plants thoroughly! Do not apply the product directly to the stems or foliage of your plants- always apply Jump Start straight on the soil and maintain 3 inches away from your plant’s base.

Check out some of our previous posts and videos below about how and when to use Jump Start. We stand behind this product wholeheartedly and if you have any further questions about it, please stop by the shop and ask!

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