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Plant species: Annual

Seasonal Color

Add seasonal color to accent your existing landscape with vibrant, colorful displays all season long! Seasonal color consistently provides blooms and here in Arkansas, they just need to be switched out twice a year. Plant warm-season annuals such as wave petunias, angelonia, begonias and impatiens in the spring. These will last until fall. Plant cool-season… Read more »

Freeze Warning

What does a severe freeze mean for your landscape?  Keep reading! *PLEASE NOTE:  Below are basic tips for normal hard freezes, however, we are currently scheduled for lower than normal weather early next week (specifically on January 15, 2024).  Many parts of Arkansas are projected to dip below average lows in various USDA Plant Hardiness… Read more »

Arkansas Diamonds Program

What is an Arkansas Diamond plant? Arkansas Diamonds are locally grown plants proven to be tough in Arkansas. New plant selections have been chosen and released each year since 2015! Arkansas gardeners now have quite a proven selection of plants to choose from with confidence in plant performance. How were these plants selected? Arkansas Diamonds… Read more »

How to Create a Butterfly Garden!

Learn how to attract and feed butterflies in your Arkansas garden with information provided by The Good Earth Garden Center!

Top 10 Spring Landscaping Tips for Arkansas…plus a few more!

1.    Spring is a great time to plant all the things! Trees, shrubs, sod, perennials, veggies, herbs and annuals…all of it! The soil temperatures are warm, which encourages root development. 2.    Look at the area before planting to learn how many hours of sun the area gets and whether it is afternoon or morning sun. … Read more »

Fall Tips for Your Landscape!

It’s almost fall, y’all! Which means that there are a few chores for your landscape so that your landscape will be healthier and happier next season! Plus find out how to correctly prep your annual color areas for pansies, violas, ornamental cabbage, kale and mums!

Fall Combination Planters

Learn how to get color all season long with these fall combo pot tips

All about MUMS!

  Nothing says fall like mums! Ever wonder how long will it take a mums to bloom out? Is it better to get ones with no blooms open or showing some color?  Want to brush up on your knowledge about these seasonal blooms? Check out this video, where Gregg and Jeff break down different varieties… Read more »