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Our Favorite Pumpkin Recipes!

  ‘Tis the season… the PUMPKIN season and we are here for it!  You might have guessed that being around tons of freshly picked pumpkins and gourds inspires us to do some cooking and baking, and if so, you were correct!  Our team loves this time of year, and the opportunity to share our fall… Read more »

Transplanting Perennials in the Fall

Have overgrown perennials on one side of your garden and scarce to none on the other? Looking to rearrange the layout of a few beds? Whatever the reasons you may have for wanting to spruce up your garden, fall is the perfect time of year to make these changes! Perennials to Divide Some of the… Read more »

Arkansas Diamonds Program

What is an Arkansas Diamond plant? Arkansas Diamonds are locally grown plants proven to be tough in Arkansas. New plant selections have been chosen and released each year since 2015! Arkansas gardeners now have quite a proven selection of plants to choose from with confidence in plant performance. How were these plants selected? Arkansas Diamonds… Read more »

Outdoor Fountain Care

  Every wonder what’s in our Water Gallery? It’s our fountain display area, stocked full of running fountains as well as concrete statuary!  We carry a wide variety of fountains, in ever changing contemporary or classic designs, available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and finish colors. One of the first things our guests… Read more »

How to Cultivate a Cutting Garden

There are so many plants that work well in cut arrangements!  Notice we left out the word ‘flower’; some of the most interesting additions to an arrangement are interesting greenery or stems.  Proper planning will get you the best results.  If you want to harvest and arrange year-round, you might need to add larger plant… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

We have been stocking up, getting ready for the spring season, and lucky for you, just in time for the Valentine’s Day holiday!  Check out a few of our favorite gift ideas below.  And remember, we also offer Good Earth gift cards!     Yes, we have pansies back in stock! They won’t last long… Read more »

How to Make a Kokedama

What is a kokedama anyway? It’s a form of Japanese art, that as a literal translation, means moss (koke) and ball (dama).  Like bonsai, it’s not the actual plant but how the plant is being grown that makes it a kokedama.  Our creative, artistic co-worker Angie decided to make some of these up, presenting the… Read more »

How to Plant a B&B Tree or Shrub

Let’s start at the beginning; what is a B&B anyway?  When you shop for trees or shrubs, you might have an opportunity to choose between one in a container or a B&B.  B&B stands for ball and burlap; this is when a plant has been grown in the ground.  Once a field grown plant is… Read more »