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New Shade Perennials for 2017

Every year our perennial grower makes our plant selections based on field trials, landscaper suggestions and from trade nursery information. This is her second year at the Good Earth Garden Center and boy, did she LISTEN TO YOU! Throughout the year she took notes as to what you wanted, what we did not have and… Read more »

Shade Loving Perennials for Arkansas Gardens

Imagine this…resting in a garden chair, sipping on something cold, in your retreat in the shade. What could possibly be missing? Lovely shade perennials to admire, of course! There are many choices to enhance your ice tea, cold beer, or nice chilled white wine experience. The two most important aspects are: 1. naturally, a bench… Read more »

Make a Stunning Combination Planter

Creating a great combination planter seems simple; pick a bunch of plants that you like and put them together, right? Yes…and no. Here are some tips on creating some great mixed planters, including some very winning combinations! If you already have a container to plant in, measure it before you go shopping. If you don’t… Read more »

We are growing!

Learn all about Good Earth grown perennials!

Increase Your Home Value

Landscaping 101

Good landscapes serve several functions; increase home value, improve quality of life, improve aesthetics and improve functionality of a space. Bad landscapes lower your home value and all that other stuff!  One of the top questions we get at The Good Earth is, ‘What plants should I put here?’  Although correct plant choice and placement… Read more »

Bill’s Tomato Basil Soup

For those of you who came to Bill’s recent Square Foot Gardening class here at Good Earth…here is his delicious Tomato Basil Soup recipe!  Enjoy! Bill’s Tomato Basil Soup The initial plan for your Square Foot Garden is very much like a recipe …. It’s your starting point, with experience you perfect it over time.… Read more »