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3 Super Easy Houseplants for Beginners…



Keep reading for the top 3 super easy house plants for beginners…

You want a houseplant because they help improve indoor air quality, they look nice plus they add that something-something to your home; however, where to start? If you are a beginner, or think your thumb isn’t green (more on that in a different post!), these few houseplants are the easiest of the easy options.

Cast Iron Plant (see left image 1)  This option can tolerate a variety of conditions. Perhaps you have seen them growing outside, however that make a great houseplant too. Low light, bright light, they seem to do just fine AND they are tolerant of drier soils…bonus!  Cast Iron Plants typically get 3 ft tall and wide.

Sansevieria (see left image 2a and 2b)  A beginner must-have due to the fact that they thrive anywhere, and if you forget to water-it’s no big deal. They don’t mind, and in fact like to grow on the dry side. This being said, you will need to water your Sansevieria some!  Once a week, check them just to get in the habit of keeping an eye on them. Take the plant to the sink if you can, then water thoroughly. You will find that it will be a couple of weeks before they need it again. Sansevieria also are known by the names of Snake Plant and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. There are lots of choices on different ones. What is nice about this is if you need a plant for a corner area, then one of the regular taller varieties will work well. Have a spot on a table? Try a Bird’s Nest Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.

Pothos An oldie but a goodie. Pathos is pretty hard to kill, easy to grow, does well in a hanging basket, or on a plant stand… yup, it’s very versatile!  Plus you can simply cut off its runners if you don’t like the vining tendency. The two main varieties are ‘Silver Queen’, and ‘Golden’. The names refer to whether the plant has a bit of white or yellow to their leaves. Out of the three options mentioned here, the Pothos tend to drink the most, and because of this, folks tend to over-water and drown them. How to avoid this? By picking the plant up, you will notice if it feels heavy or not. The finger poke (you know what I mean) is not always telling. If it is light, take to the sink and water well. A moisture meter also helps avoid over-watering.



Special tip  Don’t forget to spin your plants around so that they grow evenly. Otherwise you will have some leaners with all the leaves growing towards the window. Once you get in the habit, you will notice this and start to spin the plants at your friend’s house and restaurants. Hehehe!

Special re-potting tip  Of course you want a cute pot to put your new plants in and soil to complete the job. What to look for? Pottery with holes in the bottom and Good Earth Potting soil! Voila. A job well done…