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Seasonal Tips

Freeze Warning

What does a severe freeze mean for your landscape?  Keep reading! *PLEASE NOTE:  Below are basic tips for normal hard freezes, however, the severely cold weather that moved in just before Christmas 2022 was abnormally cold. Many parts of Arkansas dipped below average lows in various USDA Plant Hardiness Zones, and remained extremely cold for… Read more »


Winter Mulch Tips

Now that we have gotten several hard frosts and our landscape plants are more hardened off (acclimated to colder temperatures), and leaves have mostly all fallen, it’s time to consider applying mulch!  Keep reading for tips… Why is Winter a good time to mulch? Think of mulch as a blanket for your landscape plants; they… Read more »

Arkansas Made Gift Ideas at The Good Earth

  Did you know that we have a 5,000 square foot Gift Shop, filled with all kinds of lovely gifts, including many locally made items?  Check these out! We are very excited to share with you about this fragrant castile soap from Cadron Creek Soapworks! These have been made at a farm in Mount Vernon… Read more »

Poinsettia Care

History Here are a few interesting tidbits about poinsettias; they are named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Minister to Mexico.  He introduced the plant to the US in 1825.  Poinsettias are widely considered and most popularly sold as a Christmas plant.  As legends tell it, in 16th century Mexico, a poor girl… Read more »

Christmas at The Good Earth Garden Center!

Find tips on Christmas trees, greenery, poinsettias, Christmas decor, and tons of gift ideas all right here at The Good Earth Garden Center!

Our Staff’s Favorite Gifts

We did this in the fall and wanted to do it again this winter; it’s fun to find out which items are on our team’s must have list!  And from socks to cutting boards, we love what they picked out!   Jonathan- One of a Kind Gifts When I’m working with someone outside at Good… Read more »