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Seasonal Tips

Jump Start Your Next Planting!

What is Jump Start? Jump Start is a nutrient rich, super plant food, in granular form, that we recommend to every customer for almost every plant! If you’ve shopped with us over the past few years, you’ve likely seen this item close to the register or heard us mention it in videos and other blog… Read more »

Decking the Halls with Holiday Boughs!

  ‘Tis the season to drink hot cocoa, wear cute scarves and of course, deck the halls!  This time of year, you can find various evergreen boughs, perfect for decorating in all kinds of fun and unique ways.  Holiday boughs are pacific coast greens, sold in bundles. Necessary tools?  Get out your hand pruners since… Read more »


Gregg and Jeff talk about poinsettias in this video and also a bit about Christmas cactus (which is actually Thanksgiving cactus).  For more in depth information about Christmas cactus plants, visit this post. History Here are a few interesting tidbits about poinsettias; they are named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Minister to… Read more »

Bringing Your Outdoor Plants In This Fall

As the heat of summer starts to wind down and autumn cool sets in, it’s time we begin prepping houseplants for their return to the climate controlled indoors as they bid adieu to their outdoor summer vacation. We’ve put together some tips and tricks below to help your plants thrive better when adjusting to the… Read more »

Pumpkin and Gourd Recipes from The Good Earth Team!

  Another fall, another round of pumpkin and gourd recipes!  Our team loves cooking and baking, especially with these fall favorites.  Here are the recipes behind these delicious creations… THANKSGIVING PUMPKIN CAKE A pumpkin cake that’s shaped like a pumpkin! The pumpkin cake is rich with brown butter, perfectly spiced, and covered in cream cheese… Read more »

Pansy Palooza! Pansy Recipes from The Good Earth Team!

Much like the pumpkins recipes, this is a collection of fun recipes utilizing our favorite fall/ winter annuals, the pansy.  Pansy and viola flowers are edible, both the sepals and the flower petals as well as the pistils and stamens, unlike many edible flowers, in which only the flower petals themselves are edible.  A quick… Read more »

Beyond the Mum!

Fall Annuals are here! This fall, if you are looking for something a little different, consider these fun, but less utilized, annuals. Marigolds, rudbeckia, zinnias and crotons all  add tons of bright, big color to fall displays. Keep reading for details about each. We will also have fun mixed planters, ready to set and enjoy!… Read more »