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Chemical Labels

Read how to get tools ready for spring and tips on taking care of your chemicals.

What is an Arkansas Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional?

Arkansas Green Industry The Arkansas Green Industry Association, AGIA (formerly the Arkansas Nurserymen), is a professional trade organization dedicated to serving the Green Industry and the advancement of horticulture in the State of Arkansas. About the Arkansas Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional Program As stated on the Arkansas Green Industry website, the Arkansas Certified Nursery… Read more »

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Protecting Shrubs from Winter Damage

Learn why some of our landscape plants are showing winter damage, how to identify the damage, and how to address it and give plants what they need to come out of dormancy successfully.

Gift Ideas for Gardeners!

  We all have a gardener in our lives and they may or may not feel like planting that perfect plant this time of year. So here are some gift ideas for gardeners, some enhance gardens, some pamper gardeners, and some make gardening easier.  Some just let them know you understand and appreciate how much… Read more »

How to Grow Paperwhites

What is a paperwhite? These are white blooming narcissus plants, often grown from bulbs indoors and used as holiday decor or gifts. The narcissus plant genus includes winter hardy, spring blooming garden favorites daffodils and jonquils as well.  Paperwhites are a sub-species of Narcissus tazetta and are not as cold hardy as daffodils and jonquils.… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Plant Pansies

With cooler weather finally here and summer annuals looking a little worn from the recent frosts, it’s time to think about fall color, specifically pansies, violas and panolas.  Never planted fall color before? Here are the top 10 reasons to plant pansies this year! 1  Plant now and enjoy easy care, blooming color throughout fall,… Read more »