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Pick of the Week, Our Team’s Favorites

It’s really fun for us to find out what our team member favorites are, and we thought you might be interested too! Each week this fall, we will add a new favorite to the top of this blog post. That way, you not only know what we are crushing on this week, but also previous weeks as well. Give us a call or email us to check inventory as things sell fast, especially during the busy spring and fall seasons.


Ornamental Peppers

Izzy’s Pick of the Week, October 14th

Hi! My pick of the week is ornamental pepper. I chose this because it gives the feel of a veggie garden while also having vivid colors popping up. They are very easy to take of and you will get to see the pepper from mid-summer to fall. You can plant these peppers in a pot on your deck, or in your flowers; which ever has the most sun. One last cool thing about these peppers is that it comes several different colors, so you do not get bored with just one color!

Ornamental peppers are one of several fall annuals that stand out in the best way for fall container planters.  Others include mums, crotons, celosia, plectranthus, annual rudbeckia, and purple fountain grass. One easy way to create an eye-catching fall combo is to mix all of these together for maximum texture contrast.  Fall focused pots may not last all winter like pansy and cabbage pots will but they absolutely give an outdoor space that wonderful, colorful fall look!




Flip Side ChasteTree

Sean’s Pick of the Week, October 8th

If you are longing for lilacs, this might just be your plant. In fact, many people call vitex or chastetrees, the Texas lilac.  From the interesting foliage to its low maintenance, there is something for everyone to love about it. This is a very cool plant for warmer regions; an interesting replacement or substitution for crepe myrtles. It handles being limbed up like a crepe myrtle, and the underneath can be filled with smaller plants to let the trunks show.

This beauty is a seedling selection from Vitex trifolia ‘Purpurea’ x V. agnus-castus that combines the best of both parents. Flip Side® is cloaked in 8-inch panicles of fragrant, deep purple flowers that attract a nonstop parade of pollinators. It’s also a strong rebloomer. Flip Side® got its name because the greyish olive-green leaves are dusky purple on the lower surface. Flip Side® is much more compact than either parent, growing to 6-8 feet tall and 8-10 feet wide.



Cool Wave Pansies!

Clae’s Pick of the Week, October 1st

My pick of the week is…Cool Wave pansies!

These beauties have smaller blooms than some other varieties, but don’t let that stop you! Their claim to fame is how beautifully they cascade out of hanging baskets and planters. I planted some last year (purple and blue blossoms) and by spring they were hanging at least 12 inches from the side of the pot. Refresh your summer planters with these colorful spillers. Learn more about these cool pansies in this blog post!

Their cascading blooms aren’t the only unique thing Cool Wave pansies boast! They are also edible!! You heard me, they can be used in cookies, cake, candies, and tea. Check out our Good Earth blog to see all the recipes you and your family can try – click here.


Jack -0- Lantern Pumpkins!

Angie’s Pick of the Week, September 20th

I love it when the Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins come in!  I watch as they come off the truck each time, I look at all of them in the display and eventually I will see one that jumps up and says take me home.  Sometimes it’s a tall skinny one.  Sometimes it’s a short fat one.  I love to look out over the yard here and watch the kids do the same thing.  They wander around until they see the one they want then no other pumpkin will do.  Seeing everyone leave here with their carefully chosen pumpkins makes me happy!

P. S. I also pick a perfect pie pumpkin to carve the Pi symbol in every year.  I sometimes quiz the older trick-or-treaters about the Pi symbol before I give them their treat.



Monster Mums!

Jen G’s Pick of the Week, September 13th

Hey, my name is Jen and since we have two Jens at Good Earth, I go by Jen G!  Every year, one of the very first fall items to arrive is our big monster mums in 12″ pots.  Not only do they signal FALL to me in a delightful, ‘it’s about to be shop for pumpkins in jeans’ kind of way, they are just so big and colorful, it’s hard not to smile at them. I love that they are all Arkansas grown by experienced greenhouse growers that we are proud to support. It makes me happy to know that all someone has to do is dot a few of these around a front porch or patio area, add a pumpkin or two and they can enjoy the beauty of fall in their own space all season. And once they are done blooming for the season, they can be planted in a sunny garden spot and they may come back next year (no guarantees but you might find it worth your time to try).

Not sure how to care for these monsters? Check and water as needed… yes, really, that’s our best recommendation! Weather changes a lot during the fall. Mums will need more water in when it’s sunny and hot, less when it’s cooler and cloudy.  If you have an event coming up soon, choose one with some open blooms.  Tight buds can take a few weeks to completely open, less if it’s hot and they are in full sun, which is where they do best. Extend the season by removing spent blooms and making sure the mum gets plenty of sun so younger buds open.

We organize our monster mums by color and variety so you can best match them up. Each season is different but we try keep them stocked through early October if possible… but we suggest shopping in September for best selection.