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Pick of the Week, Our Team’s Favorites

It’s really fun for us to find out what our team member favorites are, and we thought you might be interested too! Each week this spring, we will add a new favorite to the top of this blog post. That way, you not only know what we are crushing on this week, but also previous weeks as well. Give us a call or email us to check inventory as things sell fast, especially during the busy spring season.



Kristine’s Pick of the Week, May 26th

I just love SunPatiens because they grow in full-sun to part-shade and thrive in the hot and humid Arkansas Summers. These beauties come in a variety of colors that provide interest from Spring to the first hard frost.  They are a terrific easy-to-grow, low-maintenance option for any garden.

They do take a little bit of extra water, so have a watering plan! A quick design tip; mix 3 colors together or layer colors in curving designs for best visual impact.


KnockOut + Drift Roses

Ricky’s Pick of the Week, May 12th

I’ve been asked almost everyday, ‘what’s a plant that blooms all summer that I don’t have to replant every year?’ The first plant I show them is the knock out rose. These beautiful durable sun loving roses, will keep on blooming from Easter to Halloween. They are self-cleaning so you don’t need to worry about dead heading or trimming during the season, just cut them back to a couple inches above the ground around Valentines Day and know you’ll be loving these blooms from early spring to late fall. Coming in Red, white, yellow and Pink these 4’x4′ have a lot of variety of colors.
And if you need something a little lower to the ground, Let me introduce you to Drift Roses, coming in a wide variety of whites to pinks to corals to red (My favorite is Apricot). Drift roses stay 18″ tall and can spread 3-4′. Blooming just as prolifically as Knockouts, Drifts provide a low growing perennial option if you are tired of rotating bedding plants.


‘Lemon Meringue’ Baptisia

Jen G’s Pick of the Week, May 5th

This plant is a show stopper!  It looks almost like it’s glowing brightly, especially on cloudy days.  It grows to 3 feet wide and tall, making a wonderful backdrop in a sunny perennial border.  Bees and butterflies love it as much as I do.  Another reason it’s my favorite is that it works as a dramatic addition to flower arrangements; it’s an outstanding cut flower.  And it’s deer resistant!  I could go on and on about this plant but I’ll stop with this one last thing; it’s a nativar, a cultivated variety of a native perennial.  So many reasons this plant is my Pick of the Week…



Hannah’s Pick of the Week, April 20

I love this plant so much.

If you want a plant to brighten up your pot, Lantana is a great option; especially if the area is super hot and dry.
Lantana also come a multitude of colors, red, yellows and pinks, sometimes even all in the same flower cluster!!!

Someone once said that each Lantana flower looks like a party and that is that best way to describe how festive these flowers are!!


Tuberous Begonias

Tyler’s Pick of the Week, April 7

My Pick of the Week is Tuberous Begonias like these Non-Stop begonias shown here! I love the bright colors and large but delicate looking flowers with all the layers. They are really great at brightening up shady areas. These beauties will take a little morning sun and will appreciate shade after noon. Thriving in moist well drained soil, they will not tolerate soggy conditions. Mix them in with other shade loving plants for a striking combination planter!

As the weather warms, we will be getting more and more begonias in. Here is a blog post about many more types of begonias, several of which we stock during spring months.  Stop by to see which begonias we have in right now!