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Good Earth Soil Test Kits

Healthy plants, properly planted in the right place (sun requirements), and appropriately watered will always grow well… right? Not necessarily!  Soil health and composition are key to long term plant success.  How do you know how ‘good’ your soil is?  A soil test is the best way to find out, and we are very excited… Read more »

Good Earth Gift Cards

  The answer is yes, we do offer gift cards, in any amount!  We aren’t set up for online purchases BUT it’s still an easy process.   If you are local, just stop by the garden center!   If you aren’t local or won’t have the chance to visit us, give us a call at… Read more »

Freeze Warning

What does a severe freeze mean for your landscape?  Keep reading! *PLEASE NOTE:  Below are basic tips for normal hard freezes, however, we are currently scheduled for lower than normal weather early next week (specifically on January 15, 2024).  Many parts of Arkansas are projected to dip below average lows in various USDA Plant Hardiness… Read more »

Landscape Lighting Tips

  Keep reading for landscape lighting tips, including how it can increase your home value, add safety and more. First of all, what is quality landscape lighting and how does it differ from the lights at box stores? Professionally installed, high quality, low-voltage outdoor lighting is more efficient than ever before by utilizing energy efficient… Read more »

Planting Guide

You picked out the right plant for your space, got it home, your shovel is in hand… now what?  We suggest watching these quick videos before planting. Getting to know your soil and how it drains is just as important as how to properly plant your new plant. Learn what a drainage test is, how… Read more »