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Gift Ideas for Gardeners!

  Most of us have a gardener in our lives and they may or may not feel like planting that perfect plant this time of year. So here are some gift ideas for gardeners, some enhance gardens, some pamper gardeners, and some make gardening easier.  Some just let them know you understand and appreciate how… Read more »

All About Hellebore; the Lenten Rose

Learn all about hellebore plants in this post; from where to plant to how to plant, from the right fertilizer to all about the blooms.

Meet the Pansy Family!

Pansies are the most commonly planted fall and winter annual in our area and for very good reason.  Pansies bloom from fall into next spring, all the way through time to plant warm season annuals.  They offer a large variety of color choices and offer a variety of bloom colors and interesting features.  Care is… Read more »

All About ‘Red Rocket’ Pennisetum

It’s here; the season when ornamental grasses are the stars of the landscape, with their eye-catching plumes waving in the cool breeze!  We have many different varieties to choose from… and right now, our favorite is ‘Red Rocket’ Pennisetum.  And bonus, our current selection of ‘Red Rocket’ (September/ October 2022) was grown right here at… Read more »

Ornamental Cabbage, Kale and Greens!

    Looking for some texture and color contrast for your pots this fall and winter? Does your container need some height? Wanting a little something extra to accent your pansy planting?  Ornamental cabbage (also called flowering cabbage), kale, Swiss chard and mustard may be your answer! Choose from lavender colored leaves (Coral Queen shown… Read more »

Fall Tips for Your Landscape!

It’s almost fall, y’all! Which means that there are a few chores for your landscape so that your landscape will be healthier and happier next season! Plus find out how to correctly prep your annual color areas for pansies, violas, ornamental cabbage, kale and mums!

Planting Guide

You picked out the right plant for your space, got it home, your shovel is in hand… now what?  We suggest watching these quick videos before planting. Getting to know your soil and how it drains is just as important as how to properly plant your new plant. Learn what a drainage test is, how… Read more »

Beautiful Perennials that Thrive in Hot Weather

We have already had taste of summer temps and of course, there are more on the way.  Just like with people, some plants handle the heat better than others, and actually thrive in our hot Arkansas summers! In this post, we are going to write about a few of the many sun loving perennials that… Read more »