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Planting Zone Map

An updated Plant Hardiness Zone Map (see below) was just released (November 2023) and on average, low temps are about 2.5 degrees warmer.  The Little Rock area zone has not changed but there are half zone changes north (no zone 6b areas, expanded 8a area) and south of us (now a sizable area of zone 8b).  This is based on the average extreme minimum temps over the past 30 years.  A huge increase in weather stations, making information more precise, likely contributed.

So, have things changed?  No. The same plants that have been hardy are still hardy, in theory.  Does the northern expansion of zone 8a (Little Rock zone) mean that area of the state is safe planting zone 8 plants now?  In our opinion, no. There are still extreme weather events, for our area and many others, that damage plants zoned hardy, as evidenced from cold damage the past few winters.
To show a comparison, we have left the 2012 map on this post, it’s the bottom map.




Below is the 2012 map, which was based on data through 2005.


To view maps for other states, visit the USDA website: https://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/