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DIY Planting

You picked out the right plant for your space, got it home, your shovel is in hand… now what?  We suggest watching these quick videos before planting. Getting to know your soil and how it drains is just as important as how to properly plant your new plant. Learn what a drainage test is, how to amend your soil and how to correctly plant a container or B&B plant in these videos.  One last tip; plants will usually signal if they aren’t happy in their new environment and that’s your chance to make adjustments. Watch your new plant for any signs of stress, such as yellowing leaves, and address issues quickly.  We are excited to help you grow; email or call us if you have questions along the way!

Getting To Know Your Soil

Not all soil is treated equally. In this guide you’ll learn properties to look for in your soil and how to adjust conditions to make them the most suitable for your plants.

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How To Plant A Plant

In this article, you’ll learn how to take your new plant out of the container and properly plant in ground for best success.

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How To Plant A B&B Tree Or Shrub

This guide on how to plant a ball and burlap tree or shrub covers topics like placement, how deep to plant, and care tips.

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Take The Guesswork Out Of Watering With A Moisture Meter

Watering can be the cause of why your plant isn’t succeeding. Here you’ll learn what a moisture meter is, how to read it, and ways to adjust your watering for best results.

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