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Tips on how to avoid overwatering plants

Summer watering can be tricky.  We consistently have customers come in and ask, ‘What is going on with my plant?’  Often times, improper watering such as too much water or overwatering, too little water or poor drainage is the answer.  Here are tips on how to avoid these issues:

  1. We always suggest using a Moisture Meter.  These are inexpensive tools to help you learn what is happening in the root zone of the plant.  For complete information on how to use Moisture Meters, visit our recent blog post here.
  2. Apply Jump Start at planting.  Good Earth brand Jump Start contains mycorrhizae, a beneficial fungi that helps plant roots develop thousands of root hairs.  This increases the surface area of roots, which in turn, allows the plant to increase its capability to absorb and utilize up to 1,000 times more water and nutrients.  Jump Start can be used at planting, and on already planted materials.  If your plants are already in the ground, pull back any mulch and apply directly on the ground within the drip zone of the plant, replace mulch and water.
  3. Be patient.  It can take a few years for your plant to get established.  During that time, the plant may experience some stress.  Don’t get too alarmed; a bit of stress is normal during establishment.  However, if the plant consistently shows signs of stress, bring us pictures or samples so we can best advise you.

Proper watering is very important to plant health; visit this blog post for more watering tips.