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Arkansas Gardening Calendar

Water, water, water!  Monitor how much water you are applying by placing a small container in the lawn area; the goal is 1.5 inches per week, and infrequent deep waterings are better for your lawn than daily shorter waterings.  To cut down on water run-off, instead of watering for 30 minutes at one time, water in 3 10 minute segments.

  • There are many ways to increase your sprinkler system efficiency, check with our specialist for modification ideas.
  • Watering early in the morning before 5:30 am before plants get heat stressed.
  • After this month, stop applying nitrogen fertilizer to azaleas and other shrubs.
  • Fertilize annuals with bloom boosting BR-61; there is still time for your flowers to finish strong!
  • Spot treat weeds in lawns.
  • Treat crapemyrtles with Systemic Insect Control after blooming ends to protect against and treat for Crapemyrtle Bark Scale.