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Arkansas Gardening Calendar


  • This is the month for the seasonal color change-outs! Don’t forget to fertilize with blooming plant food at planting with Ferti-Lome Premium Bedding Plant Food and use BR 61 during the growing season for sensational blooming!  For more tips, read our blog post!
  • Go through your sprinkler system and make necessary adjustments.
  • When your lawn has broken dormancy, fertilize lawns and landscape areas with slow-release Nitrogen fertilizer such as Good Earth brand Weed & Grass Preventer.
  • Water in Systemic Insect Control soil drench, a 12 month insect preventer on plant materials with pest problems such as azaleas.
  • You can plant more vegetables now; even some of the warm season ones like tomatoes and peppers.
  • New plants are arriving daily at The Good Earth, so stop by regularly to look at all the new goodies! Remember to pick up your Jump Start to get those roots established faster!
  • Treat lawn areas for fungus by applying Bonide Infuse, especially if you had fungus symptoms last year.
  • Once azaleas have finished blooming, begin feeding and protecting from lacebug damage by applying Azalea/ Evergreen Food with Systemic Insect Control.  Prune to shape after blooms have faded.