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Terrarium How-To!

If you are looking for a new way to bring in the Spring, consider a newly redisovered, on-trend terrarium!  Start by choosing a container; the best ones are clear and enclosed.  The Good Earth has some really fun ones with wooden balls to seal in the moisture and ones that hang on fun thick ropes.… Read more »

Going retro….

It’s interesting how trends come back around. Maybe not even trends; just things that we used to look as part of daily life are now bringing back feelings of nostalgia. It’s the very definition of ‘green’; re-using what was considered trash as a focal piece in your home or garden.  One of our new vendors… Read more »


See this pretty little Sedum!

Sedums are the ultimate drought tolerant plants!  And there are so, so many to choose from!  This one is a cute groundcover that works well between stepping stones and in rock gardens.  These plants are also often called stonecrop, most likely because they seem to be a stone crop! Some varieties like Autumn Joy Sedum… Read more »

Cultivate Knowledge

Welcome to The Good Earth Blog

Thanks for stopping by the new Good Earth Garden Center blog.  In the near future you will begin seeing informative articles, stories and gardening tips show up here.  We hope you’ll enjoy the blog and please let us know if you have any questions that we can help address. If you haven’t already, friend us… Read more »