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Summer Gardening Tip #3

Insect Control

Damage can be occurring to your landscape plants right now and if you don’t catch it and treat it, next year  it might be too late!  This might sound a little dramatic, but some insects like lacebugs on azaleas, and whiteflies on gardenias are reoccurring problems that require preventative care or an observant eye to control.  Both of these pests can be controlled by a Spring application of  Ferti-Lome Tree and Shrub Insect Drench.   This chemical is a year-long control, and is easy to use; just mix appropriately and apply to the soil surrounding the plant, so that it is taken up by the roots.  Apply this in the Spring when the plant is vigorously growing to insure fast dispersement of the active ingredient.  However, this time of year  it will be most effective to spray with a contact insecticide such as Hi-Yield 38 Plus or Espoma Insect Control, which kills the insects on contact as opposed to a systemic control that has to first travel throughout the plant then be ingested by the insect.  These will have to be re-sprayed as indicated on directions in order to stay effective.