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SASCU Providence Farm 2021 Update

2021 Update from Byaruhanga Innocent (on site Executive Director):

Greetings from Providence Farm in Uganda!

It’s coming to close to two years since the world was hit by COVID 19 and as you know, ministries like ours which thoroughly depends on donations, were struck hard by the pandemic because most of the people that used to give towards the well-being of the children have been facing financial difficulties. We are so thankful to God that even though things haven’t been easy, God has continued to provide for the needs of the children through people of good hearts like you. Special thanks to our dear family at The Good Earth, who have continued their support of Providence Farm.

After the first lockdown due to Covid 19 and medical costs that were too costly for us, coupled with continuous sickness of the children and staff at Providence Farm that never stopped at all, led us to establish a Medical Clinic equipped with a qualified nurse at Providence Farm. We are glad that the rate of children sickness reduced rapidly and we have realized cost saving compared to how much we used to spend in other hospitals. I am glad to inform you that although most of our children and their caregivers at Providence Farm contracted Covid 19 between June and August this year, that none of them lost life and they have all fully recovered and are healthy.

For two years, schools in Uganda have been closed because of the pandemic, and all children are not studying in the whole country.  I am glad to share with you that our children at Providence Farm have been fortunate enough to continue their studies through homeschooling by the teachers and guidance from our social workers.

We have had a challenge of staff accommodation at Providence Farm; our teachers and some other staff have been staying offsite, which has been a bit costly and reduced the amount of time they could spend with students even during good times. Those staying at Providence Farm have been struggling also because their sleeping condition were not good.

With support from our partners, a 7 bedroom house with a sitting room has been constructed and our staff and teachers are finally all staying in a conducive environment.

The children’s van that we previously had was old and cars below 2004 models are no longer allowed in the country. We are so thankful that Christ Community Church Little Rock and Good Earth were able to purchase for us a new children’s van 2010 model which is more safe and cost effective with a favorable fuel consumption.

With the aim of realizing sustainability, 5 more acres of eucalyptus trees have been planted and we are thankful to our partners who continue to invest in the sustainability of the ministry by planting more trees. This will provide funds in 4 to 7 years, which will mean that when the children move on to higher education opportunities, the funds for their tuition will be available from selling trees for electricity poles and for timber purposes.

As a way to strengthen their member partners, we were so fortunate to have been chosen by Latekstay Alliance Uganda for a piggery project at Providence Farm which aims to equip SASCU as an organization to be sustainable and self-reliant. The piggery project will also focus on the vulnerable households within Luweero district. Vulnerable families with financing from partners shall receive piglets for income generation.

On a personal note, despite significant health challenges and obstacles, we are so thankful to God for the joy he has brought into our lives through our adopted 18 month old daugher, Atarah and our newest addition, baby Louis, and for proving that he is a God who fulfills his promises.

Thank you for your continued support of Good Earth and Providence Farm!

2022 Goals include:

20 more acres of eucalyptus (approximately $550 per acre)

Adding to the goat herd

Increasing flock of chickens

Creating a community soccer field

Construction of a community Christian church

Ongoing Financial Needs include:

Providence Farm Partner ($100 monthly) Sponsors education, housing, meals, uniforms, medical, and general needs of a child

General Fund- helps with necessary monthly operating expenses, unexpected medical expenses, and community outreach (Any amount, monthly or one time)

General Farm Fund (any amount, monthly or one time) – helps with vet care, feed, crops and care, workers, upkeep, buy a goat ($75 for a pregnant goat).

Giving in any amount helps us reach out 2022 goals as does sharing about this ministry and prayers. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please visit SASCU.