Cryptomerias are coniferous evergreens featuring year-round interest and a graceful shape. New foliage emerges as a pale shade of green, arranged in a herringbone pattern. This new foliage is a striking contrast to the older foliage color of mid to deep green. Plant size varies; there are smaller rounded shrub forms, all the way up to conical or columnar cultivars that grow up to 30 feet in height. Larger forms work well as screens or as specimens. Dwarf varieties work well as accents in rock gardens and landscape beds. Some cultivars turn an attractive bronze color in the winter.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Plant in well-drained soil
  • Water regularly; in the summer, soak the roots once a week

Landscape features include attractive, evergreen foliage, and a graceful form. Larger cultivars of Cryptomeria work well as screens; making them a good option for replacing the previously popular Leyland Cypress, which has developed a common and damaging branch die-back issue.

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