There are 175 species in the genus Euonymus and these vary from small groundcover types all the way to tall shrubs and trees and even some climbers. Euonymus plants are grown for their attractive foliage, interesting fruit and good fall color. They offer a range of uses in the garden, including use as specimens, groundcover, shrub border and hedges. There are evergreen and deciduous species; we have grouped them with the deciduous plants here since our most popular Euonymus is the Burning Bush, which offers brilliantly red fall color. We do also carry several lower growing, yellow variegated varieties that are evergreen.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • May be evergreen or deciduous
  • Burning Bush species offers brilliantly red fall color
  • Plant in well-drained soil

Landscape features vary depending on species; our most popular Euonymus is the Burning Bush, grown for it’s red fall color.

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