The oak genus consists of hundreds of species, each with its own leaf shape, growth habit and mature size. The oak tree has been a favorite shade and staple landscape tree for centuries and in fact, was named America’s National Tree in 2004. Oak trees can live over 200 years and have many benefits, including lumber and food for wildlife. There is a hardy oak tree for pretty much any zone in the United States. These are typically large trees; make sure that the planting site has enough space for the large mature size. Oaks are adaptable to most growing sites and prefer to full sun locations. Most are deciduous; Live Oaks are the exception and are only borderline hardy here, although there several specimens can be seen around town. Oak trees do offer a variety of fall foliage color, although the colors are not as vibrant as maple trees provide.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Plant in moist, well-drained soil
  • Low maintenance
  • Fall color may be red, yellow or orange
  • Acorns attract wildlife
  • Large shade tree; plant appropriate tree for space


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