Ornamental Cherry trees are small to medium deciduous, spring blooming trees. Bloom color varies with species and variety, as does tree shape and mature size. Enjoy an eye-catching display of white or pink hued flowers in the spring before the foliage emerges. We carry upright types such as Yoshino (pale pink blooms) and Kwansan (medium pink, many petaled blooms) as well as weeping types such as Snow Fountain (white blooms). Most ornamental cherry trees display yellow to orange fall color. Although these trees do not produce edible fruit, they do produce sparse, small fruit, which can attract wildlife in the winter.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Spring blooming; color is species and variety specific
  • Mature size and growth habit is species and variety specific
  • Bark is often an attractive reddish-brown color
  • Some of have fragrant blooms
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