River Birch trees are easy to grow in medium to wet soils in sun to part sun. River Birch is adaptable and the most heat tolerant of the birches, making it a good tree for our area… in fact, they are native to Missouri. River Birches are vigorous, fast growing trees, maturing to a size of 40-70 feet tall and 40-60 feet wide. Although they prefer moist, acidic, fertile soil, including semi-aquatic soil, they can tolerate drier soils once established. Adapts well to heavier clay soil and can also tolerate poor drainage. Prune in the winter; tree sap runs in the spring. River Birch trees are typically grown as multi-trunk trees and feature eye-catching exfoliating bark in a salmon-pink to reddish-brown color, which peals off to reveal a lighter inner bark. The leaves are tough, medium to dark green in color with toothed margins. Fall color is yellow.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Exfoliating bark provides winter interest
  • Multi-trunk tree
  • Vigorous, fast grower
  • Can tolerate poorly drained, heavy soils
  • Yellow fall foliage color
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