Vinca is a widely varied genus which includes brightly blooming annuals, trailing annuals and perennial groundcovers. This description of vinca pertains to Vinca minor, the evergreen perennial groundcover. Vinca minor is also called creeping myrtle, and is a fast spreading 4-8 inch tall, evergreen groundcover. Shiny green leaves grow from long, arching stems and blue or white flowers are present for about 4 weeks in the spring. There are variations on leaf color and bloom time; these are cultivar specific. Plant in dry to moist soil in a sun to part sun location. Cut old growth back to several inches tall in early spring to encourage new growth. New shoots and roots form where stems touch the ground.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Low growing, 6-12 inches tall
  • Fast growing
  • Spring blooms in white, blue or purple
  • Evergreen groundcover


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