Even the right plant in the right place won’t be successful without adequate nutrients. There have been a lot of developments over the past few decades in fertilizer formulations. Your lawn, landscape plants, vegetables and seasonal color will respond best to plant foods formulated especially for them.

  • For example, we carry the Espoma brand of organic fertilizers for all kinds of plants from hollies (Holly-tone) to tomatoes (Tomato-Tone). These are slow-release fertilizers in an easy-to-use, granular form. You just sprinkle on and let time and water do their job.
  • There are also very effective, water-soluble (mix with water and apply) fertilizers such as BR-61 for blooming plants. BR-61 is like steroids for your plants, so expect bigger and more profuse blooms with regular feedings!
  • Another favorite is Good Earth brand Jump Start. This natural fertilizer contains mycorrhizae, which actually changes the structure of roots and allows them to uptake 1,000 more nutrients and water. It’s a great product to use both at planting and for additional feedings throughout the growing season.
  • Last but not least, we want to mention our Good Earth brand Weed & Grass Preventer with Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer. Apply this every 60-90 days during the growing season to keep weed seeds from germinating and provide a nice feeding too.
  • Check out our Learning Center for helpful tips or stop by and visit with our experts for advice.  You can also email us your questions.


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