Russian Sage isn’t a true Sage (genus name Salvia) but instead is from the genus Perovskia. Russian Sage feature long, wispy wands of lavender or blue flower and silvery foliage. This plant is a long season bloomer; from summer to fall, it shows off it’s large (bloom spikes up to a foot long!). The aromatic, silvery leaves are striking; the serrated leaves give the plant a fine texture with pairs wonderfully with larger leafed plants or stones. Large varieties may need staking later in the season. Groupings of Russian Sage create a dramatic backdrop for smaller perennials and work well in a border planting.


  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Plant in well-drained soils
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Plant size varies with specific variety
  • Deer resistant
  • Large varieties can provide privacy
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