Perennial sedums have so much to offer! These plants are succulents, which means they have leaves and other plant structures that hold water. The stored water can be utilized when the plants are in need and not receiving water from another source. As you would guess, these plants are extremely heat and drought tolerant once established.   There are many different varieties of sedum; size, foliage color, bloom color and form varies greatly between species. There are tall plants, offering outstanding blooms for cutting, and groundcover types that do an excellent job or suppressing weeds and even smaller types that do well in pots, both indoors and out. All thrive in full sun without much care at all!

*Please note that other perennial succulents (such as Hens & Chicks) have been included in this section as they share many of the features.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Plant in well drained soils
  • Size, foliage color, bloom color and form vary
  • Seasonal features include summer blooms, fall blooms, fall foliage color, and winter interest
  • Good for erosion control
  • Very heat and drought tolerant
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