Tiarella, also known as Foam Flowers, are charming, shade-loving perennials, perfect for woodland gardens. Sprays of small, spidery flowers, rise above lower growing foliage; the inflorescence gives an appearance of foam. Several species of tiarellas are native to eastern North America. These plants are closely related to Huechera and have been crossed to produce Heucherella plants. Some tiarella may grow long stolons, which allows them to spread through woodland gardens like a groundcover, while others form clumps.  Leaves are semi-evergreen and often turn reddish in the fall and winter; the rest of the year, a red or purple branches vein radiates from the center of the leaves. When planting, be sure to plant a little high (about 1 inch) to avoid covering plant crown.

  • Shade to Part Sun
  • Plant in well-drained soils
  • Plant size and bloom color varies with specific plant variety
  • Prefer neutral soil pH
  • Deer and rabbits tend to leave tiarella alone
  • Do not over fertilize
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