Crapemyrtles (also spelled Crepemyrtle, Crepe myrtle or Crape myrtle) are one of the most popular small, summer blooming trees in warmer climates. The blooms are bright and these trees are very heat tolerant. In addition to the eye-catching blooms, Crapemyrtles have sculptural trunks and some varieties have red fall foliage.

In the winter, the smooth trunks offer a wonderful contrast to reddish peeling bark. Flower colors range from white to deep rose and magenta. Size varies greatly; there are dwarf varieties only reaching 2 feet in height and trees that reach over 20 feet in height. For larger growing varieties, please visit our Crapemyrtle Tree inventory.  Varieties may be more upright or have an arching, almost weeping, form. There are also varieties that have attractive, dark burgundy foliage. *There is a new pest on Crapemyrtles called Crapemyrtle Bark Scale; read more about this insect here.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Plant size and bloom color are variety specific
  • Summer blooming
  • Attracts birds

Landscape features include summer blooms, colorful fall foliage and winter interest.  Correct pruning is an issue with these plants; avoid Crepe Murder by pruning correctly, as described in our blog post.

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