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Plant species: Crepe Myrtle Shrubs

Crepe Myrtle Shrubs

Crapemyrtle Shrubs

Crapemyrtles (also spelled Crepemyrtle, Crepe myrtle or Crape myrtle) are one of the most popular small, summer blooming trees in warmer climates. The blooms are bright and these trees are very heat tolerant. In addition to the eye-catching blooms, Crapemyrtles have sculptural trunks and some varieties have red fall foliage. In the winter, the smooth… Read more »

How to Effectively Use Dormant Oil

What is dormant oil? Dormant oil refers more to when the oil has traditionally been applied rather than what it is made of. Newer dormant oil formulations are typically refined from petroleum oil, such as mineral oil. Unlike home remedies, they also contain an emulsifier to help water mix with the oil, which will provide… Read more »

How to Prune Crapemyrtles Correctly

Learn how to prune crepe myrtles correctly in this blog post, including when to prune, how to prune and most importantly, how NOT to prune them.

Crape Myrtle Treatments

Crapemyrtle Treatments

Learn about treatments that control a serious pest, crape myrtle bark scale. This insect won’t go away on its own and correct treatment is key.