There are many types of honeysuckle plants; most are either large shrubs or twining vines that feature colorful, trumpet-shaped flowers, a sweet fragrance that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Here, we will talk about vine honeysuckle plants. Flower color is species and variety specific, and may be orange, red, yellow and white, or a combination of these colors. Bloom time is spring to mid-summer. Vining honeysuckles grow to 10-20 feet in height. They grow well on fences, trellises and walls if given support.   May be grown in the shade and can be seen growing in the understory of trees in forests. If soil is poor, amend with compost before planting. Water regularly during growing season and prune after flowering as needed.

  • Sun to Part Sun (will flower more in full sun)
  • Fragrant flowers
  • Attract hummingbirds and butterflies
  • Bloom color is species and variety specific
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