Liriope, also called monkey grass, is a spreading or clumping grass-like groundcover, that may have green leaves or variegated with gold or white stripes. Leaf color as well as growth habit is species and variety specific. Liriope also bloom in the summer, with a bluish-purple bloom spikes; flowers give way to black berries as the season progresses. We carry varieties of clumping liriope (Liriope muscari) such as variegated, Big Blue, and Aztec. The spreading species (Liriope spicata) is considered invasive in some areas of the southeast and is only available via special order. Mature size varies, but most grow to clumps 10-18 inches tall with a spread of 12-18 inches. Although liriope is considered evergreen, there may be visible winter damage; prune these off before new growth begins in the spring.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Evergreen
  • Summer blooming
  • May be variegated
  • Clumping groundcover


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