We offer a variety of stones in bulk; which means they are loose stones sold by the half or full cubic yard. Bring a truck or trailer to pick up these materials or check out our delivery options. Here is a list of our bulk stone items, including size and what they are often used for:

  • Pea gravel- small (approximately ½”), multi-colored stones often used for walkways and various landscape projects such as play areas. Each load is different.
  • River rock- medium size, multi-colored stones used as an attractive soil covering for various landscape projects, in water feature projects, and for walkways. The larger size of river rock keeps it place better than smaller stones. Stones are roughly 3/4 to 2 inch in size, can have pea sized gravel mixed in, each load is different.
  • Oversize River Rock- largest stone we offer in bulk; the larger size makes it a good choice in sloped areas as it doesn’t wash away easily. Most stones are 2 to 6 inches size with up to football/basketball size stones mixed in. This is an ungraded product, sizes vary per load.
  • Screenings/ Chat- crushed gravel with fines, packs very tight making it useful for walkways patio bases and as a patio surface. Gray in color.
  • SB 2- this stands for sub base #2 gravel, (3/4 to 1 inch aggregate size) with fines mixed in. SB 2 packs well, making it good for driveways and for use as a patio base. Gray in color.
  • C-ballast- clean, quarried, gray-colored gravel (ranges from 1 to 1 ½ inches in aggregate size), often used for drainage projects as the nature of the stone allows for excellent water drainage.

Our bulk stone is sold by half and full cubic yard; in general, one cubic yard of material will cover approximately 100 square feet, 3 inches deep (oversize river rock does not cover as large an area due to stone size). Bring measurements of your space with you so we can help determine how much you need.

With all our bulk products (including stone), we recommend that you come in and see them in person before ordering a delivery or look at the material before your vehicle is loaded. These are natural products that vary from load to load.


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