Camellias have much to offer a shade landscape area; these shrubs feature year-round glossy, dark green foliage and display stunning single or double blooms in the winter. There are thousands of camellia hybrids, offering a large palette of colors from white and bicolors to the deepest red. There are large varieties, which can be formed into small trees or lower growing shrub types. There are two main species of camellia; sasanqua camellias bloom in the late fall to early winter and have smaller leaves where as japonica camellias bloom in the late winter or early spring and typically have larger leaves.

  • Shade to Part Sun
  • Size and bloom color is variety specific
  • Fall, winter and/or spring blooming
  • Work well in containers
  • May be used as a shade hedge or screen

Landscape features include year-round dark green, glossy foliage and winter blooms in various colors.

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