Cleyera are versatile broadleaf evergreens, featuring oval, leathery, glossy leaves, which can be grown as shrubs or small trees. Several varieties have reddish new growth. All grow densely upright with a low spreading branch habit, with a roundish form and can be kept compact through shaping, although trimming is seldom necessary. Small creamy-white to yellow blooms offer a fragrance in early summer. There are several variegated varieties. These plants form a good hedge or background plant in the landscape.

  • Sun to Part Sun (can take quite a bit of shade)
  • Plant in fertile, moist yet well-drained soil
  • Grow best in acidic soil with regular watering
  • Mulch to help soil retain moisture
  • Larger varieties make good screening plants
  • Size is variety specific

Landscape features include attractive glossy foliage with reddish new growth. Fragrant flowers produced in early summer. Works well as a screening plant.

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