The Eleagnus genus includes several dozen species that range from shrubs to trees, that may thrive as thickets and/or dry places. They provide silvery foliage, fragrant flowers and edible, sometimes colorful, fruit. These plants work well used in a border or as a hedge or larger screen. The eleagnus that we carry is called Silverberry or Eleagnus ebbingei and features rounded silver leaves, present throughout the year. The natural shape of the plant is loose but Silverberry can easily be trimmed into a hedge or large screen.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Fragrant flowers
  • Attractive silver foliage
  • Evergreen
  • Fast growing

Landscape features include providing a unique silver foliage color to the landscape, as well as fragrant flowers and the ability to be shaped into a hedge or provide a taller screen.


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