Black Gum trees are native to Missouri and grow well in a wide range of soils, typically found in low wet wood, bottomlands and near ponds, although they may also be found on dry rocky wooded slopes and ravines. Black Gums are versatile shade medium size shade trees, with a mature size of 30-50 feet tall, and 20-30 feet wide. These are stately trees, with a rounded shape as they mature (more pyramidal when young). Although the blooms are insignificant, they are a good nectar source for bees. Black Gums are also called Black Tupelo and they are closely related to Water Tupelo trees, which can be seen growing in standing water and swamps along with Bald Cypress trees. This is an excellent ornamental tree for home landscapes and streets. Although Black Gums are slow growing, it will need to be planted in an area large enough to accommodate the future growth. Excellent fall foliage color!

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Flowers are bee nectar sources; birds love the fruit
  • Plant in medium to wet, acidic soil
  • Can tolerate dry soils when established
  • Orange fall foliage color
  • Low maintenance medium shade tree
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