We can all agree that Pine trees are beautiful! Arkansas is blessed with two native forest pine types, Loblolly and Short-leaf. There are an enormous number of pine trees available out there; we carry several smaller growing, ornamental Pines, such as the shrub Mugo pine and several trees such as Thunderhead, a Japanese Black pine, and Vanderwolf, which is an upright pyramidal pine. We have also gotten in some Loblolly pines in the past. Pine trees like well-drained soil and have superior drought tolerance once established. They are low care and require little pruning or fertilizing as they mature. These needleleaf shrubs and trees offer a variety of leaf color and mature size, which are species and variety specific.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Like well-drained acidic soil
  • Adaptable, low maintenance plants
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