Sourwood is a medium sized tree that really shines in the summer and fall. In mid-summer, white, fragrant flowers similar to Lily of the Valley appear, followed by brilliantly crimson, purplish-red and sometimes yellow leaves in the fall. This is an excellent tree as a specimen in lawns, as a garden feature or planted in clumps in an open space. A unique feature of this tree is the bonus to honey lovers. Honey produced from the flowers of this tree are by many considered to be unmatched by clover, or any other honey. Because of the size, this tree is considered both an ornamental and shade tree and features a spreading canopy capable of providing shade and also adds visual interest through the blooms and fall color. Mature size is 25-30 feet tall and around 20 feet wide. Full sun is ideal for this tree. Plant in acidic, moist, well-drained soil. Normal moisture is ideal but Sourwood trees do have dome drought resistance.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Plant in acidic, moist, well-drained soil
  • Distinctive summer blooms
  • Crimson, reddish-purple and yellow fall foliage color
  • Works well as both a shade tree and ornamental tree
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