Sweetgums are native to our area and obviously do well here in our soil and growing conditions, growing to be quite large. The varieties we carry have unique features. Slender Silhouette is a very narrow, columnar shaped tree, perfect for adding height to small spaces… really small spaces; this tree matures at only 4 feet wide and 35-50 feet tall! It has the traditional, attractive star-shaped leaves; the foliage is dark green in the summer, turning yellow to deep red in the fall. Although this tree does produce some fruit, it produces less than the native type and because of the tree shape, only drops in a small area. We also carry Rotundiloba sweetgum which has rounded leaf tips, as opposed to the native type, but does grow quite large, 50-70 feet tall and 35-45 feet wide, and is a good shade tree. And Rotundiloba is fruitless! Fall foliage color may be red, orange, purple or yellow.

  • Sun to Part Sun
  • Plant in moist, well-drained soil
  • Fast growing
  • Fall color
  • Mature size and plant shape is variety specific
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