Avocados are considered a tropical fruit, grown commercially in California, Mexico, and extreme south Florida near Homestead.

  • Please protect all young plants during temperatures in the mid 40’s.
  • Light requirements: Full sun
  • Avocado trees do not tolerate flooding or poorly drained soils but are adapted to many types of well-drained soils. Continuously wet or flooded conditions often result in decreased growth and yields, nutrient deficiency symptoms, dieback, and sometimes tree death.
  • Avocado trees should be fed on a regular basis after their first year of growing in the ground or in a container. Fertilize using well balanced citrus / avocado food at least 4 times per year and as often as once a month. You can try Espoma Citrus Tone.
  • Do not over water avocado trees! Over watering is often the number one factor in causing root rot to develop in the first place. It is best to allow trees to dry out before you apply water again.
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