Hello, I'm Ricky!

Hello I’m Ricky!

I’ve lived in Little Rock since 2000, and I’ve been with the Good Earth since 2011.  During my time here, I’ve learned so much from my coworkers and customers over the years and it’s a pleasure to pass those tips on to you. The Good Earth has been like a second home for me. I met my wife here. The Curtis’ family does so much for the community and the staff, and has throughout the years.  It’s great to see what a wonderful place this is growing into and the joy that we’re working to extend to every visitor. I hope we have the opportunity to see you soon. If you have a question about any purchases you’ve made here or invoicing questions, mine will be the face behind that email or phone call.  Reach out to me at ricky@thegoodearthgarden.com and I’ll see how we can help you cultivate a Great Experience.