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What is an Arkansas Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional?

Arkansas Green Industry

The Arkansas Green Industry Association, AGIA (formerly the Arkansas Nurserymen), is a professional trade organization dedicated to serving the Green Industry and the advancement of horticulture in the State of Arkansas.

About the Arkansas Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional Program

As stated on the Arkansas Green Industry website, the Arkansas Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional Program (ACNLP) is designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and acknowledge industry professionals who demonstrate the skills essential for operations in horticulture businesses. Founded in 1974, the ACNLP program stands as a mark of quality and was created to reflect what it takes to manage or work in a garden center, wholesale nursery or in a landscape maintenance or contract firm.

Continuing Education

Being an ACNLP isn’t simply a one time thing, but an ongoing commitment to professional growth. Professionals holding the designation pledge to continually advance their knowledge and achieve higher levels of excellence in nursery and landscape management. ACNLPs must also actively advance, support and promote the Green Industry and the profession as a whole.



We have always encouraged our garden center team members to become ACNLPs and we are proud to have more ACNLPs than any other garden center in the state! Some of these team members have just earned this designation and several earned it decades ago.  No matter when it was earned, we applaud the effort it takes to learn all the knowledge it takes to pass this three part test. As mentioned above, ACNLPs also commit to continuing education each year to keep the certification current.

Experience and Education

Some of our team members have many years of experience in horticulture, some have horticulture degrees, and some are ACNLPs. And several have all three, such as Steve, our manager.  Steve has served on the Arkansas Green Industry board for 10 years, and was President of the board at one time. Jennifer served on the board for several years, and has been on the Arkansas Diamond plants committee since the program began.

We all learn something every day from our customers and our fellow team members, and in fact, learning is one of our Good Earth Core Values.  We are all committed to growing so we can best serve you!